5-Gallon BIAB Process

After touting the benefits of brewing 2.5-gallon stovetop BIAB batches, I decided to break out the big equipment for a 5-gallon BIAB batch. Come along as I brew a Rye Citra Saison using malts from Murphy & Rude.

5-Gallon BIAB Overview Video

I envision the content of my site to be more focused on articles, with videos to back up the written content. In this case, I did not feel like I had a lot of unique information specific to 5-gallon BIAB brewing that has not already been written. Instead, I felt that a video overview of my process might be more useful.

Are you new to all-grain brewing or thinking about giving 5-gallon BIAB a try? This video should be a good overview of one guy’s process. Are you an experienced all-grain or BIAB brewer? This video might give you some ideas you can incorporate into your process. Does some of my processes make you cringe or do you have some tips for me? If so, feel free to leave them in the comments section here or on YouTube.

Video Production

I took a different approach to this video. There is less talking into the camera and more voice overlay describing the video. This lets me segment out smaller and more targeted video clips, with more accurate and focused narrative. Well, mostly accurate. There were slip ups.

The goal for my first video on 2.5-gallon stovetop BIAB brewing was to provide a comprehensive overview of my process. I don’t see much content on mid-sized batches, so I wanted that to be a good reference. With that said, the 45 minute length was probably a bit too long. This one, at 15 minutes, seems about right. My vision is for future “brew” videos to contain recipe information, brew highlight, and tasting in a 15-20 minute length.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions to improve the quality of my videos. Would adding background or transition music be helpful or distracting?

Future Videos

I don’t plan to put out videos for every beer that I brew. There are enough people putting weekly brewing videos and that is not my style. I want my videos to either focus on a specific process (like this 5-gallon BIAB brewing video), on a specific style that I have experience with (like American IPA), on investigative batches (like a current hop addition timings trial) or on focused topics (like closed keg transfers, yeast harvesting, etc.).

A shout out to Murphy & Rude Malting Company, located in Charlottesville Virginia. I have not yet had a chance to taste any of the beer I have made with their malts, but I love the idea of using locally grown and malted grains. The Saison made in this video features their Pilsner, Rye and Biscuit malts.

Also, be sure to check out my first video: Stovetop BIAB: Video Walkthrough

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