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Recent YouTube Videos

Blackberry Sour (w/ Fruit Purée & Philly Sour)

I put Philly Sour yeast to work again to brew a simple refreshing sour beer, but this time I ramp up the flavors with Blackberry Purée! The beer turned out quite nice with lots of fruit flavors and aroma paired with a background tart character.

Lutra vs Voss vs US-05! (in a BRU-1 SMaSH)

I brewed a 3-gallons of a SMaSH beer with Crisp Maris Otter and BRU-1 hops and fermented them with Lutra, Voss & US-05 to see how the yeast compare. How does does the classic American yeast compare with these Kveik strains?

Does Trub Matter?? (Best Bitter)

I brew an English-style Best Bitter with Murphy & Rude Malts, and Fermentis S-04 yeast. In the process I test out the impact of transferring a lot of trub into the fermenter. Does the common advice that “clear wort = clear beer” hold true?

Brew a NEIPA! (w/ 100% Simcoe Hops)

I made an NEIPA (New England IPA/Hazy IPA) heavily hopped with 100% Simcoe hops. How will the lessons learned from brewing other beers with the same Simcoe hops translate to making a NEIPA?

Better Hop Samplers! (Simcoe & Azacca w/ Lutra)

I cycle back to make a better extract based hop sampler. The basic goal is a simple process to evaluate hops, and also make an enjoyable Pale Ale style beer. The recipe is based around 1 lb of Dry Malt Extract and 1 oz of Hops and makes about 1 gallon of beer. I used Simcoe and Azacca for this trail with Lutra for the yeast.

Big Brew Day 2022 – Pale Ale

For Big Brew Day 2022 I got together with a group from Homebrewers of Western Loudoun (HOWL) to brew a wort share “Pale Ale.” The beer ended up at 6.5%, so maybe out of the Pale Ale range, but it has lots of character from the Citra, Mosaic, Cascade and Centennial hops.